nullroute | services

Also see nullroute hosts.

Nullroute doesn't run anything serious, it is just a place for experiments; infrastructure for the sake of infrastructure. This means that servers come and go, the services are often misconfigured, the only account is "grawity", and there really isn't anything worth offering.

But I've learned a lot by simply tinkering around with various network services. And it's much easier to study a working implementation than hundreds of pages of RFCs, so that's what I'm doing here.

Public things

I sometimes grab copies of various old websites or FTP sites (frequently just weeks before they go down). A few of those are accessible as mirrors.

The mail server has a small collection of interesting Usenet and mailing-list posts which is accessible through anonymous IMAP, at imap:// and subfolders.

There is a local Git server hosting some of my hobby projects (mainly ones which are not fit for GitHub) as well as various infrastructure and this website itself.

Also a few miscellaneous webapps:

Internal services

Other things that may or may not be running at any particular moment: