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AS206633 is my personal network – or rather a bunch of servers (virtual and physical) scattered around Europe, connected using various kinds of tunnels. This virtual backbone consists of GRE connections between my servers, physical links within the Dunelab, plus the obligatory BGP-over-ADSL 4G at home.

Inbound packets to the dn42 prefix fd42:2606:32f4::/48 are 1:1 NATed to the global IPv6 prefix.

The same servers participate in Internet and dn42 BGP networks, with the same AS number. Peering requests (tunnels and otherwise) will be considered, but I will not be able to provide any transit access.


Part of the network is accessible through X.25 (via XoT tunnels) as part of the TELEBAHN network.

IPX & DECnet

I don't actually run any of these, but that doesn't stop me from kinda wishing that BGP could carry IPX routes, or XNS, or DECnet, or OSI CLNP, or...

Directory services

There's a Kerberos realm intertwined with an LDAP directory, which internal services use for authentication, and which I also use to store miscellaneous information that would go into a Computer Phone Directory.

For setting up a cross-realm Kerberos trust or poking around in the directory, send details through an encrypted email message.