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Parts of the AS 206633 network are reachable via dn42, using address ranges as well as fd42:2606:32f4::/48.

What's available

The first ~10 or so addresses (–9) are reserved for my servers which comprise the internal GRE mesh network (with address 0 being anycast); at the moment they don't offer anything beyond what's already accessible through the public Internet. The rest are assigned more or less randomly: (DuneGW)
A Mikrotik RB951G-2HnD router (accessible via Telnet with password “guest”). Can be used for /tool/ping, /tool/traceroute, or outbound connections via /system/ssh and /system/telnet. (Dunelab-Cisco1760-top) (Dunelab-Cisco1760-mid) (Dunelab-Cisco1760-btm)
A few old Cisco 1760 routers running IOS 12.3 (accessible via Telnet with password “cisco”). Can be used for ping & traceroute, outbound Telnet, or making X.25-over-TCP calls into the Telebahn network (use the pad command).
172.20.158.xx (Dune)
An old HP server running VMware ESXi, not yet publicly available but one day might host a dn42 “shell account” VM or two. (HomeGW)
Address used to SNAT connections into dn42 from my home LAN (which is

X.25 over TCP

One of the Cisco1760s is (will eventually be?) also accessible via TELEBAHN X.25 at 471041. The routing configuration for IOS would be:

x25 route ^471 xot dns