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Also see nullroute hosts.


AS206633 is my personal network – or rather a bunch of servers (virtual and physical) scattered around Europe, connected using various kinds of tunnels. This virtual backbone consists of GRE connections between:

Inbound packets to the dn42 prefix fd42:2606:32f4::/48 are 1:1 NATed to the global IPv6 prefix.

The same servers participate in Internet and dn42 BGP networks, with the same AS number. Peering requests (tunnels and otherwise) will be considered, but I will not be able to provide any transit access.

IPX & DECnet

I don't actually run any of these, but that doesn't stop me from kinda wishing that BGP could carry IPX routes, or XNS, or DECnet, or OSI CLNP, or...

Directory services

There's a Kerberos realm intertwined with an LDAP directory, which internal services use for authentication, and which I also use to store miscellaneous information that would go into a Computer Phone Directory.

For setting up a cross-realm Kerberos trust or poking around in the directory, send details through an encrypted email message.