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Journal posts (2019)

Server migration and final ClueNet note

A while ago, I decided to completely shut down the IRC network. The ircd had sprung a memory leak, and I wasn't really interested in tracking it down; it was simpler to just tear everything apart (the ircds were hosted on virgule and sky), and CNAME it to LizardIRC servers.

(Though the CNAME will soon be moot, as the domain will lose its last working nameserver and there is nobody with access to change it. Hopefully all regulars have already switched over to the new network's proper domain.)

Around the same time I started migrating all of my things and services off virgule (DNS, web, Git, LDAP, git-annex, Finger, Kerberos, you name it). It is after all not my server, and I felt increasingly uncomfortable with using it for free to host almost everything. Moving to a server which I do pay for seems less problematic in every way.

Most everything should be online again now, and I took the opportunity to convert some things (back) from Nginx to Apache. (Until now the servers had been running a mix of both, due to certain things being Apache-only such as mod_auth_gssapi – but I didn't have anything that was Nginx-only.)